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uprated Hdi clutches

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uprated Hdi clutches

Post by welsh_ben on Tue 28 Apr 2009, 06:57

Right im gathering interest for some clutches for the peugeot 306, for people who want to upgrade thier performance but aint got pockets like dum dum, im awaiting on some figures about them but they are fast road clutches which singlely are for sale for 150. as said ill await on some facts and figures before we talk numbers but who would be interested as the price can only go downwards.

Guess this will mainly apply to those who will be happy with 140bhp with an fmic but who dont want to dig any deeper for a 300 clutch which will only get you approx 20 more bhp. These clutches will hold upto maximum of 265 lb ft (approx 160bhp) but thats at thier limit.

Beleive the standard clutches will hold to the 140bhp mark but they are at their limit.

Cost of these are 135 delivered managed to get 15 off original price if i have 5names, will require payment whence 5names have been confirmed.

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