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1.8 XS MAP sensor Change SWFCOLogo
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1.8 XS MAP sensor Change

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1.8 XS MAP sensor Change Empty 1.8 XS MAP sensor Change

Post by AlexJ Sun 04 Apr 2010, 03:49

Ha Peugeot wanted 20
odd for the manifold gaskets, so i told the parts man i would think
about it and be back tuesday possibly, he agreed it was a rip off and
then we became friends after discovering we were both sad enough to
recognise Engines by their code.

So off i go and this afternoon i opened the bonnet to try and work out
the best route to get to this pissing MAP sensor - turns out you can
simply take off the throttle body and get to it that way

Disconnect battery and get a 10mm socket, 5.5 allen key of some description, a long flat screwdriver, torx bits...small ones

1. Remove Airbox, single 10mm nut at the top right hand corner, undo
jubilee clip holding it to the throttle body and pull off the thick
rubber pipe connecting to the bit that joins the airbox to the TB, pull
away and put to one side
2. Undo the three torx screws that hold the throttle cable in place and try and pull it out the way
3. Undo the white plug ontop of the TB and the black plug connecting to the ICV
4.Three 5.5 Allen bolts hold the TB to the inlet, two on top and one at
the front but at the bottom if that makes sense, really easy to get to
5. Pull the TB away from the inlet and leave it resting somewhere
secure, you should be able to get at the ICV now, still a bit tight
6. Use a long screwriver to pop off the plug and then the thing is simply held on by a 5.5 allen bolt again.

Put it all back together again quite simply, it could be an idea to
whap out the ICV and give that a good clean out with some WD40 as you
will be able to get to it more easily now.

I can get pictures if anyone really wants them or even reads this guide.

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