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icv/ stepper motor

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icv/ stepper motor Empty icv/ stepper motor

Post by Simon Thu 30 Oct 2008, 22:47

Stepper Motor Guide

The stepper motor is also called ICV (idle control valve), which is exactly what it does.

You may want to clean the stepper motor if you have any of the following:

Bad Idle
Hunting (rising and dropping revs)

Please see the below pic for the location of the motor. The Red arrow points to the motor.

To Remove and Clean follow these instructions.

1. Disconnect battery
2. Remove Bolt which the blue arrow points at. (10mm I think)
3. Remove the bolt directly below the above bolt (out of view on this shot)
4. Pull away the unit and disconnect the plug at the back.
5. You now need to take the stepper motor off the housing - just another 2 bolts.
6. You can now clean or replace the motor. I replaced mine but others have cleaned with Carb Cleaner, WD40, or similar de-greaser.
7. Refitting is the reverse of the above.

Reconnect battery and reset the ECU

I also removed the accelerator cable and a few other bits for easy access.

this pic is taken from the passenger side strut area so you know what the pic is show
icv/ stepper motor Pic1-1

this is it out
icv/ stepper motor Pic2-1

The stepper motor is actually a solenoid valve that controls the idle speed by opening & closing the auxiliary airway when the throttle is closed. It is actualy 2 solenoids, one pulling, one pushing against the valve. Take it out & clean it but, while it's out, check the coils resistance to see if they're ok. If not, you'll need a new one

icv/ stepper motor Pic3-1

Check resistance -

between terminals A & D = 52-58 ohms
between terminals B & C = 52-58 ohms

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