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Dump Valve Guide

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Dump Valve Guide Empty Dump Valve Guide

Post by welsh_ben Wed 20 May 2009, 04:00

This is the kit you need for a dump valve to fit to a DT

Double Piston Dump Valve
Dump Valve

Vacuum Hose (approx 1metre,depending where you put solenoid)
Vacuum hose

T-piece pipe

Microswitch to connect to fuel pump

Jubilee Clips(pick these up from any hard store/car place few less than 1 each)
2x 40-45mm
2x 30-32mm
2x 10mm
1x 6mm(depending on smaller t-piece)

Silicon Hose
This is to connect the Dump Valve to the T-piece only roughly 10cm needed

Egr Solenoid
Best off taking a visit to local scrappyies and look for this, this is the piece which connects to the green plug behind your battery on phase 2/2.5 cars. Most of phase 1's will not have it . But if you have a phase 2 you will have this so you can block the pipes off which are on your existing EGR valve (DISCONNECT GREEN PLUS,why? use search function and find out),then drill through the 2 silver rivets and locate that anywhere you like, it can be used there but its hard to connect the wires to it unless you have long arms and go under the car

5amp wire
This can again be found at local hardware/car shop for few quid

Spade Connectors,male and female
This can again be found at local hardware/car shop for less than 1

this will be a much smaller t-piece that fits into your brake servo line. 8mm tpiece

Crimping tool/pliers
Electrical tape
wire cutters
Knife to cut through intercooler pipe and brake vacuum hose


1 Locate the brake servo line and put in an 8mm t-piece and use jubilee clips to ensure tightness
2 Connect vacuum pipe to the middle outlet (roughly 10cm of pipe if solenoid is in same place)

From where you have cut the inlet piping for t-piece if you follow the pipework round to the back of the intercooler and down the otherside youll find this(this als runs behind intercooler but may be hidden) this is the brake servo line make a cut in it and just simply fit the tpiece in with the middle outlet facing towards your passenger wheel
Dump Valve Guide Image040

With the middle hole this is where you connect your small piece of vacuum hose, from this it then connects to the EGR solenoid which i have located directly above it
Dump Valve Guide Image041-1

Make a note of where the white plug faces in order to ensure you connect the vacuum hoses to the right spots
Dump Valve Guide Image042

3 Remove a 8cm section of the inlet intercooler pipe(depending on size of t-piece) you may also have to remove some of the extra plastic wrapping on one side in order to fit t-piece.
4 Connect tpiece to this space with one jubilee clip either side to help prevent any boost leak.

Dump Valve Guide Image043

5 Connect silicon hose to the middle outlet on tpiece and to the dump valve, secure wioth jubilee clips either side

Dump Valve Guide Image044

6 Use the rest of the vacuum hose to the Dump Valve and to the EGR Solenoid

Depending on where you mount the Microswitch you may need to make a base plate for this switch to sit on next to the fuel pump, (not really needed if you have lucas system)

Lucas Fuel Pump
Dump Valve Guide Switchconnection

Bosch Fuel Pump
Dump Valve Guide Boschlivefeed
Dump Valve Guide Boschdv

7 Find a 12V wire live and connect it to the +e connection on solenoid
8 Connect the -ve solenoid connection to one of the connections on the microswitch
9 Connect the other connection on the Microswitch to a suitable Earth point

Live Feed from Blue wire on Wiper Motor Plug
Dump Valve Guide Image046

this may need a seperate fuse,if your wiper fuse blows when you put the wipers on find a different 12v live feed

Hope this helps everyone who may wish to fit a Dump Valve to thier DT cars

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